About Us

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We are a hobby kennel located near Coalhurst, Alberta, Canada (8 km from the city of Lethbridge.) We specialize in the breeding of silvers, whites & creams, blues & silver-beige standard poodles. Our dogs are pets and companions first and show & performance dogs secondly. Our dogs all live in the house with us and enjoy the freedom of 3 acres of land to romp and play on. We also operate a Dog Training Centre on site offering training opportunities, all breed dog grooming , & doggy daycare.


I was involved in the breeding & showing of Shetland Sheepdogs from 1969, but in 1979 I met my first standard poodle and fell instantly in love with the breed. I was immediately attracted to their playful, friendly, outgoing personality and their ability to be so sensitive to the emotional needs of their humans.


My first poodle was “Angie” - Minmist’s Love’s Angelique. Her breeder told me that if I wanted to have a poodle, I needed to learn how to groom it and so every Saturday was spend learning how to groom and show her. I completed her Championship owner-handled. As a single mom with 2 sons and a full time job I never bred her. Suddenly at the age of 7 and on my birthday, my beautiful Angie passed away. Her loss was devastating and especially difficult for my 12 year old son, Tony. That evening I found Tony asleep clutching her leash and the following letter that he had written:

January 20 is the worst day of my life. My dog Angie died. It is 6:24 P.M. and Angie died about an hour ago at 5:14 P.M. I was playing Atari games, happy and cheerful because of the good news this morning that Angie had surgery, but she would probably be OK. Then my mom came home and asked me to shut off the Atari with tears in her eyes. My Grandma came in 5 minutes later and talked to my brother and me. After they left I just cracked up crying. I cried for an hour when I started this note. Now it's 6:73 and I am still crying. Sometime after school I am going to get a piece of the sidewalk from our old house where we put our names and Angie's footprint in the sidewalk. I have two notes from my mom with Angie's name in too. Tony Sera - I am 12 years old and will always remember Angie and the happiness she brought."

Seransil Minmist's Love's Angelique Seransil Minmist's Love's Angelique

My second dog was my first Silver, "Danny"- Ch BiBelot's Que Sera Sera Plata C.D.

 Seransil Bibelots Que Sera Sera Plata Seransil Bibelots Que Sera Sera Plata Seransil Bibelots Que Sera Sera Plata

I loved the silvers so much that I purchased a silver girl, "Cissy" - Ch Bibelot's Seranade The Blues CD - to start a breeding program with Danny.  Cissy completed her Canadian Championship, her CD in Obedience, & had my first litter all in one year.  At the age of 7 she started agility and was my first agility dog.  We have had our setbacks the main one was not to be able to breed Cissy again.  Thus came the search for a new female.  Penny Harney of Pinafore Standard Poodles provided me with a beautiful white girl named"Angel" - Can/Am Ch Pinafore Allways An Angel - who carried the silver gene and became the foundation for Seransil Poodles.